Tasty and hearty Finnish food

Restaurant Savotta takes its guests directly from Senate Square to a nostalgic view of Finland from past decades.
Both the authentic interior and the dishes, served in original style, have been inspired by the Finnish forests and thousands of lakes
with a dash of Finnish “sisu” and logging traditions.
Savotta’s kitchen cherishes the Finnish food tradition. We use only Finnish ingredients from the pristine forests
and lakes and from carefully selected small suppliers.

Savotta is part of the Think Sustainably service which helps to reduce the carbon footprint.

Menu suggestions starting from 21.9.2021

Traditional Menu 49,00

Elk roast and Savoy cabbage L
rye risotto, and porcini mushroom mousse

Sea buckthorn flavoured arctic char with roasted butter sauce L,(G)
emmer wheat, and caramelized endives

Oat and blueberry pannacotta D,(vegan)
forest berries, and lemon balm salad

Classic Menu 62,00

Supreme Savotta
Assortment of best Finnish appetizers from land and water

Spruce shoot baked topside roast of reindeer L,G
root vegetables roasted with dandelion roots, and dark funnel chanterelle butter sauce

Finnish style French toast
strawberry jam with Koskenkorva spirit, and real vanilla ice cream

Vegetarian Menu 44,00

Pumpkin soup with milk mousse L,(G)
pickled funnel chanterelles, and flat bread croutons
(available vegan)

Beetroot and spelt risotto with porcini mushroom cream cheese L
pickled daikon, and Finnish quinoa
(available vegan)

Oat and blueberry pannacotta D,(vegan)
forest berries, and lemon balm salad

L= lactose free, (L) = on request lactose free, G = gluten free, (G) = on request gluten free, D = Dairy free

A la carte will be published soon.