Tasty and hearty Finnish food

Savotta’s kitchen cherishes the Finnish food tradition from different regions of Finland. We use only Finnish ingredients from the pristine forests and lakes and from carefully selected small suppliers. Savotta à la carte menu includes e.g. lake fish, reindeer and berries and Finnish traditional dishes. The rare bear meat is also served at Savotta.

Warmly welcome!
Savotta is part of the Think Sustainably service which helps to reduce the carbon footprint.

The Best Sautéed Reindeer in Helsinki 20,00/portion

Enjoy at Savotta or pick take away to go! Orders by phone +358 9 7425 5588 or via inquiry form

Traditional sautéed reindeer
mashed potatoes, pickled cucumber, and lingonberries



Savotta’s potato flat bread pocket L . .12,80
filled with smoked salmon, fresh cucumber salsa and dill sour cream

Logging camp cook’s salad (available vegan) G . .12,20
Finnish seasonal herbs & salads, and Helsinki dairy cheese

Fish Savotta  . .14,90
The best tidbits of thousands of lakes

Creamy fish soup with catch of the day L,G . . 10,00/14,90
and dill butter. Without cream upon request.
Starters are served with house bread and butter.

Main Dishes

Glow fried salmon L,G  . .24,50
roasted potatoes, Savotta’s tzatziki and pickled summer vegetables

Pan-fried whitefish L,G  . .27,50
cabbage heads, potatoes with sour cream, and kale chips

Sanni’s vegetable stuffed rolls G (available vegan)  . .20,90
smoked Jerusalem artichoke purée, and lingonberry sauce

Elk burger with lumberjack’s rye bread L (available gluten free) . .22,00
puikula potato fries and rosemary cranberry mayonnaise

Topside roast of reindeer and browned puikula potatoes L,G  ..28,50
root vegetables and dark cranberry sauce


Finnish pancake L . .11,80
berry jam and vanilla ice cream

Fazer’s ”Blue” milk chocolate brownie (available gluten free)  . .11,20
raspberry whip and lingonberry crumbles

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