Totally unique in Helsinki! Available until 18.Sep!

Savotta’s original wooden Teno river boat is filled with crushed ice and an abundant selection of savoury appetizers.
After enjoying the Archipelago buffet you can complete your menu with a warm main course served to your table.
The price of the buffet includes a delicious dessert.

♥ Archipelago Buffet and dessert, when ordering main course 27,00

Just Archipelago Buffet and dessert 33,00

Archipelago Buffet on ice filled boat

Grilled whitefish and cucumber relish L,G
Baltic herring with tomato and anchovy L,G
Pike balls and citrus salad L,G
Muscovado fennel graved salmon L,G
Herb-roasted pork neck and smoke onion mayonnaise L,G
Green asparagus salad and grandma’s cucumber L,G
Mint barley pearl salad and sour jogurt L
Lettuce with apple vinaigrette L,G
Homemade cheese salad and wild herb pesto G
Lovage-roasted beetroot with walnut vinaigrette L,G
Summer potato salad and chervil mayonnaise L,G
Mini Karelian pies and egg butter L

Finnish style French toast
Savotta’s berry jam, and old-fashioned vanilla ice cream
Chocolate cake of Fazer’s “Blue” milk chocolate
jellied apricot and berries

Warm main courses

Glow-fried salmon L,G +24,50
lovage potatoes, fried season’s mushrooms, and cranberry butter sauce

Pan-fried whitefish L,G +28,50
beetroot rösti, smetana potatoes, and spinach butter sauce

Porcini mushroom and chervil pancakes (available vegan) +21,90
smoked portobello, and roasted oat sauce

Elk burger with roasted brioche L +24,90
puikula potato fries, and smoked vendace mayonnaise

Topside roast of reindeer with smoked puikula potato mash L,G +28,50
root vegetables, and dark thyme butter sauce

Tender braised bear with game sauce L,G +63,00
trumpet mushrooms and Anna potatoes

L= lactose free (L) = on request lactose free G = gluten free (G) = on request gluten free
Rights for changes reserved.

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